Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling

With our partner Texo Drone Survey & Inspection Ltd, we are able to facilitate UAV integrated survey grade LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). We have the ability to deliver sub 3mm accuracies consistently due to the development of multiple, UAV integrated scanning systems.

The custom UAV delivery platform is made with multiple redundancies giving the system unmatched safety and performance. We ensure that our support vehicles are fully equipped to maximize the flight duration while also having a comprehensive IT and visual infrastructure for the project.

UAV scanning has minimal impact on operations and can be undertaken in a fraction of the time that traditional survey methods would take.

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LiDAR Scanner

The LiDAR scanner mounted on our UAVs are controlled by highly experienced pilots who ensure precise flight plan and accurate data harvesting. This system is the first in the world to successfully deploy an industrial survey-grade LiDAR scanner on a UAV. Once deployed, the UAV would maintain a distance of 30-80 metres from the asset, ensuring a substantial safety zone.

The HD Lidar scanner is extremely powerful and delivers major gains for safety, speed and cost. With unrivalled results in ‘point cloud data’, the technology allows for processing of the ‘point cloud data’ which is then converted into a Building Information Model (BIM). This inherently carries multiple applications and benefits for our Clients. It enables interactive and remote viewing of the Client’s assets, decreasing the requirement for personnel visits to offshore structures, and for engineering and asset management of complex and aging structures.

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