Pipeline Leak Detection

Leaks can be caused by third-party intervention, ground movement, corrosion, improper operating procedures and material failure.

With our partner PSIpipelines, we are able to provide several methods for leak detection and location.

Any invalid measurements or field device malfunctions will not cause a shutdown of the PSIpipelines Leak Detection System. All leaks are clearly indicated and presented via our graphical user interface. This interface is highly customisable and provides significant information to the operator. Leak warnings and alarms are also sent to the SCADA system.

In combination with statistical analysis, our PSIpipelines Leak Detection System provides model-based methods:

  • Model Compensated Mass Balance,
  • Transient Model,
  • Pressure-Temperature Method,
  • Gradient Evaluation

and methods that utilise the signature of a leak:

  • Pressure Wave Analysis,
  • Pattern Recognition.

These methods are optimised to detect and locate leaks accurately during steady state, shut-in and transients operations for onshore and offshore pipelines of all sizes. The different methods can be deployed in parallel in order to ensure the highest possible reliability.

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